Published Articles

"Improved Multilevel Regression with Post-Stratification Through Machine Learning (autoMrP)"
(with Philipp Broniecki and Lucas Leemann),
Journal of Politics, forthcoming.
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"Are Opinion Leaders Better Represented?"
(with Anouk Lloren),
West European Politics, 2016, 39(4): 800-834.
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"Parliamentary Voting Procedures in Comparison"
(with Simon Hug and Simone Wegmann),
West European Politics, 2015, 38(5): 940-968.
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"Descriptive and Substantive Representation of Poor Citizens in Switzerland"
(with Anouk Lloren and Jan Rosset),
Swiss Political Science Review, 2015, 21(2): 254-260.
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Articles Under Review

"Descriptive Misrepresentation by Social Class: Do Voter Preferences Matter?"
(with Jonas Pontusson).

Working Papers

"autoMrP: Multilevel Models and Post-Stratification (MrP) Combined with Machine Learning in R"
(with Philipp Broniecki and Lucas Leemann).

"Mapping the Policy Space of Public Stakeholder Consultations: Evidence from the European Union"
(with Adriana Bunea).

"Delivering the Promised Democratic Goods: When and How Do EU Stakeholder Consultations Help the European Commission Build a Representative Mandate?"
(with Adriana Bunea).

"The Representation of Social Classes in European Parliaments"
(with Jonas Pontusson).
[Working Paper]

"Do Parties Dislike Working-Class Candidates?"
[Working Paper]

"Are Poor People Less Likely to Run for Political Office?"
(with Pirmin Bundi).
[Working Paper]

"Alike think Alike? The Effect of Shared Class Background on Policy Preference Congruence Between Citizens and Legislators"
(with Luzia Helfer and Frédéric Varone)
[Working Paper]

"Technocracy or Democracy? European Citizens' Perceptions of Expert Rule"
(with Tina Freyburg, Ivo Krizic, and Sandra Lavenex).

"Legislator Income, Policy Attitudes, and Voting Behavior"
(with Jan Rosset).
[Working Paper]

"Party Pressure in Roll Call Votes"
(with Simon Hug).
[Working Paper]

"Who Represents the Poor? Evidence from Swiss Direct Democracy"
(with Anouk Lloren).
[Working Paper]

"Ideological Positions of Party Switchers"
(with Simon Hug).
[Working Paper]

Work in Progress

"Priors for Bridging: A Dynamic Scaling Model for Comparable Preference Estimates Across Legislative Chambers and Over Time"
(with Philipp Broniecki).